Episode 0: No, But, Seriously. This Is *Not* A Cooking Show

Overheard on this week’s episode:

” The meaning of life is not 42, but it is the chick pea.”

” I’m trying to think of the legal term for that, yeah, it’s ‘DICK MOVE…’ ”

” You know what?  You’re a RACIST… is it because he’s MUSLIM Ghadafi?!”

” If you haven’t had your hooker for forty five hours, you start talking that way.”

Like what you overheard?

Listen to the whole episode, and tell us what you think in the comments.


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  1. Dave2March 7, 2011

    So… no recipes for hummus here then?

  2. Miss BrittMarch 7, 2011

    I’m pretty sure that Loukia has said that hummus was Greek – and not because of the brand name. 🙂 I know hummus is almost always available at Mediterranean restaurants!

    ALSO – Jared makes awesome hummus from canned chic peas, too.

    And I never knew that garbanzo beans were the same as chick peas.


    And finally – I think it’s horrific that people are watching Charlie Sheen, but I pissed a bunch of people off on Twitter when I said that last week.

  3. Sybil LawMarch 8, 2011

    I demand a great hummus recipe!
    Although the podcast is pretty damn tasty, all by itself. 🙂

  4. LeSombreMarch 8, 2011

    Saint Poop!

    When I got the “HTMH is following you on Twitter” email, I first thought it was yet another spambot trying to sell me some erectile dysfunction pills (Seriously, it’s uncanny how they know – and slightly unnerving). I’m happy to have read the email instead of just hitting delete… When I saw that it was you guys, I smiled.

    Didn’t listen to the whole show yet, but I’m getting my recipe notepad out. ;-P

  5. Cissa FireheartMarch 8, 2011

    Still listening to it all, but my love of Hummus was the foot in the door….oh yeah and you guys, since you know, I think you are both awesome already! This? Is pretty genius…..

  6. NenetteMarch 8, 2011

    Hummus is Filipino! No, just kidding. Hummus is not Filipino, because nothing is Filipino.

    Ditto on the recipe.

  7. LisaMarch 8, 2011

    Out here on the west coast they’re more commonly called garbanzo beans. When I moved east for the first time I couldn’t find garbanzo beans anywhere and had no idea they were also chick peas. It’s funny, garbanzo sounds Italian, but in Italy they are called ceci with the c’s having a ch sound. They roast them and sell them on the streets like peanuts at festivals and they’re very tasty!

    Loved the podcast! I am saddened by the fascination with Charlie Sheen’s meltdown too. I feel like really? With everything that’s going on in the world, this is what is holding our attention? But as you said, everyone loves a trainwreck.

    I wish the WBC’s demonstrations would be classified as hate speech so finally something could be done but they’re very careful with the lines they walk. It’s reprehensible but I’m also of the opinion that if no one listened they would be less motivated.

  8. Chrisor (ynotkissme)March 8, 2011

    I can proudly say I listened to the whole thing. I first sat down at our desktop computer and was like “where’s the video portion?”. Duh. I was expecting a vlog I guess. This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to. I plead ignorance and leading a sheltered life. I’m not a multi-tasker in the sense that if I was reading emails and listening, I would’ve gotten nothing out of either one. So I sat and just listened. Then I was like “how long is this?”. When you replied that it was over an hour, my first response was to do 2 30 minute segments. Then after about 25 minutes, I stopped it to do other things. I never have a block of time to sit down at a computer for long. I decided to try it on my iphone and listened to the rest while doing laundry. This worked well.

    I have a ton of comments about what I liked, etc but don’t want to hog up the comments section. I loved the music and the intermissions (is that the spot for future advertising?). I was just delighted with both of you. Faiqa, I knew you from Twitter & your blog but you seemed so serious and political and screamingly smart. On the podcast, I got to see another side of you. The laughing side (your laugh is infectious!) of you reminds me of author Jen Lancaster’s vlogs (her voice anyway). You charmed the hell out of me. Shiny, you kept things grounded and lent a professional tone to the discussion. I’m full of ideas for your future podcasts (how often will you be doing them?), starting with “How Faiqa met Mr. Shiny”. 🙂 I’d love to hear that story. By the end, you had me hooked and I was thinking an hour wasn’t enough!

    The hummus debate was cute. Wasn’t hummus brought to the first Thanksgiving by the pilgrims? No? I don’t care where my hummus is from. I make my own so I know where it’s been. I look forward to hearing more differences and similarities between the Muslim and Jewish people. Shiny, just watched the movie “Holy Rollers”. The whole Hasidic/Orthodox lifestyle is fascinating to me. During the entire movie, I kept asking, “At what point does he invent Facebook?”. That is my humor and I’m sticking to it.

    You did a nice job covering vastly different subjects like the Westboro church fiasco. They are total hatemongers. I’ve wondered why no one has ever picketed outside of that church or at funerals of their members in retaliation. Carrying signs that say “God hates no one” or “If God hated anyone, it would be Westboro”, etc. I don’t think there is any way to reach fanatics. They cannot be reasoned with.

    Trying to guess which quote was Sheen & which was Ghadafi (or as we say Kadafi Duck) was a hoot. I never knew they were interchangeable. Maybe Charlie Sheen is going to take over a small country somewhere and Ghadafi can go on “Two and a Half Men”.

    I think having a few minutes on each topic works better than spending too much time on a single one. I liked the political parts of the show but was very happy the entire thing wasn’t just politics. The Charlie Sheen part was so entertaining. I used to listen to talk radio a lot (hubby still does) and you 2 have that natural back and forth that can make any topic interesting. I am just thrilled for you and your new adventure with this. I’m happy I got in on watching from the very first episode. I can see this thing blowing up on you in a good way! Let us know when to expect the next episode!! 😉

  9. CocoaMarch 8, 2011

    I’m not that crazy about hummus, but I love chick peas (garbanzo beans) on my salad. Is salad Middle Eastern? 😛

    Anyway I loved the podcast. Here are my thoughts about the topics:

    Hummus – Meh, I’ll take it or leave it, but I am interested in the “Hey, they stole our culture” aspect of the topic. I think anytime a culture or group feels like they’ve been slighted or put down by another group, the idea of this offending group “stealing” aspects of said culture is infuriating. I remember back in the early 80’s when Bo Derek wore cornrows in the movie “Ten” black women were livid. It wasn’t the fact that she wore cornrows per se, it was the fact that all of a sudden cornrows became popular because Bo Derek wore them. (Yes, I know I’m dating myself. I’m old dammit!)

    Free Speech and the Westboro Baptist “Church”: While I agree with the Supreme Courts decision, I can totally understand why people were upset by it. This “church” is all about hatred and in my opinion an abomination to the teachings of Christ. Do these people even own bibles? This is what happens when you have a bunch of inbred cretins interpreting the Bible to fit they’re own hateful agenda. I say they are inbred because the majority of the church are family members. Kudos Shiny to your brother’s decision to do nothing. I’m sure it really took the wind out of that “church’s” sails.

    Charlie Sheen: I think it says a lot about our society when we are riveted by someone else’s mental deterioration. I am pretty sure Sheen is bipolar which is why he tries to use drugs and alcohol to self medicate. Meanwhile, the media is making a ton of money off of his breakdown. Also, the people around him who should be trying to help him or at least give him “tough love” are too busy making money off of him. They’re vultures stripping Charlie Sheen like carrion.

    Great podcast Shiny and Faiqa! I can’t wait to hear the next one.

  10. VikkiMarch 9, 2011

    Costco? Best. Answer. Ever.

  11. AvitableMarch 9, 2011

    You need to add this to iTunes so I can subscribe to the podcast that way.

    I was talking to Loukia (@MrsLouLou) one day about hummus and I thought it had Greek origins, but she said that it had nothing to do with Greece. So there’s one country that’s not trying to take ownership.

    I’m really enjoying the show, and hearing Faiqa laugh at her own jokes just makes them funnier.

    1. shinyMarch 9, 2011

      Just a quick note: We are currently working on getting the podcast feed approved and available in the iTunes store. We’ll certainly shout from the rooftops once this happens. ~MS

      1. AvitableMarch 9, 2011

        Very cool. Also, install subscribe to comments or wp-thread reply (or both). I didn’t get a reply to this – it was only because I happened to check that I saw your reply. If you use the built-in thread reply feature with WP, it doesn’t notify the commenter at all.

  12. Avery BrownMarch 15, 2011

    Terrific! I was directed to your site via another site (Clark Kent’s Lunchbox) and I’ve always liked his work so I figured maybe I’d like this too…and I’m so glad I took that leap of faith. Of course where I’m from if you were to ask a local what hummus is they’d robably say something like (try to give it your best deep South drawl)

    “Hummus? Hummus? Oh, you must mean ‘hum-mahs’. Those are the people that can’t carry a tune and, thank the Lord in Heaven, are aware of it so they just hum along. You know…they’re the hum-mahs.”

    HEHE, Southern humor…we take it where we can get it!

    Again, loved the podcast!


  13. Elizabeth KayleneMarch 19, 2011

    I always thought hummus was a regional thing… as in, the entire area that encompasses the Middle East, Greece, and Israel. I think it’s one of those things that’s cross-culture, like you guys said.

    I’m so sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen, but I agree that the fascination with him is fascinating… in a morbid way. I think it’s sickening that in our society, we eat up alcoholism and drug problems that celebrities have, and yet when it’s someone close to us, it’s a totally different story. Like, if Charlie Sheen was our collective society’s brother, they’d be intervening and trying to get him help. Since he is a celebrity, though, our society just sees it as entertaining. Substance abuse should never be entertaining.

    Anyway, on a lighter note, this was a great first episode! I don’t have time to listen to the second episode today, but I can’t wait for more!

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