[111] Surprise! What You Thought You Knew About Judaism and Islam (But Don’t)

We had a few technical difficulties with this episode, so if things towards the end sound a bit choppy and garbled — it’s not you; it’s us.

This episode talks about, among other things, certain tidbits from our respective religions which may surprise you a bit! As members of the Jewish and Muslim communities, we think we know everything about our OWN groups, all of the stereotypes about us and more. But there are certainly deviations from what everyone thinks must be correct.

The show stems from an article from the Forward called By The Numbers: 10 Surprising Demographic Facts About U.S. Jews. It takes a look at a recent study by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) which surveyed participants in the USA who identified either with a specific religious group or registered as unaffiliated. The survey talks more about the trends of religious life and culture in the United States, but it has some interesting things to say about education levels, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and more. Were you surprised by the results? Please let us know!

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