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This isn’t a site or podcast about hummus.  It’s about respecting differences, finding points of intersection and asking difficult and awkward questions in the spirit of peaceful coexistence.

Mostly, what we’re trying to do here is answer that highly poignant question, “Can’t we all just get along?”

The answer is, “Yes.  Yes we can… as long as you keep your hands of my hummus.”

Meet Your Hosts:

The Jewish Dude

Mike Scheinberg (“Shiny”) hails from the Washington, DC area — a virtual marketplace of different cultures and worlds where arguments about hummus take place on a daily basis. He identifies as an unconservative Conservative Jew and spends time volunteering as an educator and leader for Jewish youth to explain what that actually means. Mike also volunteers as a clinic escort — ensuring that patients and companions have access to women’s clinics in the area.  He currently resides in Northern Virginia (right outside of DC) with his wonderful wife and son and three cats who pretty much run the world. You can find him on Twitter as @mr_shiny. He prefers his hummus with minced black olives.


The Muslim Chick

You can find Faiqa at her personal blog, Native Born where she blogs about living a multicultural life as an American desi Muslim on twitter as @Faiqa.




  1. Malerie Yolen-CohenNovember 19, 2011

    Dear Mike and Falka,

    I just want to let you know how refreshing it is (and how it gladdens my heart) to find an inter-faith site that is informational, respectful and humorous without being maudlin, dramatic or hysterical. Kudos to the two of you for finding this balance and presenting it in such an entertaining and perceptive way. I identify as a Conservative Jew, I’m a writer (once upon a time a Religion Section columnist for the Stamford, CT Advocate) and open to people of all faiths who show the same respect to me. I’m not surprised that you turned off the comments on your blog – you probably get some pretty hateful or idiotic stuff from all sides. The world needs more people like you two who can sit down together, laugh together, opine together and share your unique perspectives with the world.

    Falka – I, too, don’t understand the whole fuss over the headscarf thing considering lots of Orthodox Jewish women wear them, too (as a sign of modesty). A personal choice for sure. Have you ever seen A Slim Peace? http://www.aslimpeace.com/ There’s a comment in the documentary (which covers a Weight Watchers group in Israel that brings 7 West Bank Palestinian women and 7 Jewish women together to loose weight) from a secular Jewish woman who looks at the very religious Arab and Jewish women and says “honestly, I can’t tell you guys apart.”

    I found you on BlogHer and will keep reading you now.

    Malerie Yolen-Cohen

    1. faiqaNovember 23, 2011

      Hi Malerie,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments and it’s so great to have this kind of support and encouragement. Mike and I use this site as a platform to disseminate a 30min podcast that we do weekly. Each post has an audio file at the bottom that you can listen to while on the Internet or you can click on the iTunes icon on our main page and download the podcast to an iPhone or ipod. Thanks again so much for stopping by!
      Best, Faiqa


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